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About Us

Plus Delta Partners provides professional development programs proven to help non-profit organizations raise more money faster.

Our configured approach is tailored to the unique needs of each organization and focuses on the critical skills, behavioral change and accountability necessary to achieve significant, measurable results. We deliver our industry-leading, field-validated curriculum via a cohort model leveraging workshops and individual coaching sessions. And, because we partner with leadership and program participants side-by-side over an extended period, best practices are put to real tests, reinforced and given the opportunity to become routine. Return on investment includes more gifts closed at higher average amounts, shorter time from initial meeting to close, a more cohesive, confident and effective team, and more satisfied donors. This is our specific (and very-meaningful-to-us) way of enhancing the impact that mission-driven organizations are having on society.


We strive to embody characteristics that drive our partnerships and your ability to achieve success.

Trusted Expert

Building on our experience and skills, we have a documented track record of generating significant measurable and sustainable results for our clients.

Forthright Diplomat

We are simultaneously polite and professional, radically honest and direct, and strive to instill this approach in our clients. We keep things simple, clear and easy to understand. We’re into efficiency and authenticity, and not buzz words.

Collaborative Coach

We partner with you side-by-side, every step of the way to model the behaviors proven to achieve success.

Change Agent

We know real skill development takes practice and repetition over time, so our solutions are comprehensive, embedded and designed to stick.

Accessible Intellectual

Our curriculum is smart and field-tested, and we communicate it in a relatable, down-to-earth way.


Our approach is strategic, disciplined, thoughtful and always laser focused on generating more resources for your organization.