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Value We Deliver

Year 1 Return-On-Investment with More Money Raised

We coach communication, facilitation and process skills by working with fundraisers on live scenarios in active portfolios during the course of the program. This approach drives significant returns including closing major, principal and planned gifts that were “stuck”, would not have otherwise closed or would have come in at a lower amount.

Faster Time-To-Gift

We instill a directional purpose in every donor conversation –helping to ensure that fundraisers invest their time with qualified prospects and move more efficiently to the right ask for all parties involved.

A Disciplined Fundraising Process

We empower frontline fundraisers with a client-specific Donor Engagement Process™ that, in combination with a proven toolkit and shared vocabulary, create greater confidence, collaboration and accountability. These tools, in turn, drive trust-based, focused and productive philanthropic relationships with donors.

Ongoing Partnership with Leadership

Plus Delta Partners works closely with the executive team and frontline management at each client organization throughout each engagement –to set objectives and priorities, drive and evaluate program impact, and provide actionable recommendations that foster fundraising improvements.

Active Collaboration with Fundraisers

We don’t do presentations and share videos after which we say good-bye and good-luck. We are coach and partner every step of the way, donor-by-donor to efficiently close more and larger gifts.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our programs at the outset and adjust them as necessary over time to fit the specific needs of each organization and individual fundraiser.

A True Fundraising Culture

We are change agents building skills and reinforcing behaviors that will endure, producing sustainable, long-term results.

A Ready & Proven Solution

We deliver results in a fraction of the time it would take to create a program in-house, and have an extensive track record of partnering with our clients to create documented, measurable fundraising improvements.