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Our Commitment to DEI

While Plus Delta Partners was founded on the principle that it is possible to create positive change in human behavior, specifically amongst advancement professionals, we recognize that we have not been at the vanguard of important conversations about equity and justice. We haven’t always known what to say, or how to show up or speak up. We recognize and take ownership of the fact that we begin this important work as a firm without racial diversity--and imbedded in that reality are blind spots, inherent biases, and opportunities for growth.  

Our goal is to commit to confronting systemic racism and increase equity and inclusion for all people, especially BIPOC, members of the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups, in our industry, our community and our society. 

We will rigorously review ourselves and our work, continue to learn from our biases and mistakes, and improve our ability to serve the increasingly diverse philanthropic community, profession of fundraising and the communities in which we live and work.   

As an action-focused firm, we are committed to: 

Internal/Individual Growth 

  • Our staff completed a 4-month program to raise our awareness of white privilege, implicit bias, microaggressions, and how we perpetuate racist structures in society. 

  • We are continuing our work in this area by supporting discussions and firm-wide activities that are designed to improve our vigilance and stamina to address unjust systems. 


Curriculum/Coaching Review and Revision  

  • Plus Delta Partners is undertaking a review of all curricular items and coaching approaches. We will ask a diverse group of practitioners in the field to audit our curriculum and to hold us accountable for biased approaches to the work.  Our goal is to eliminate non-inclusive elements and improve our ability to serve a diverse client base.  


Building Diversity Within Plus Delta and Throughout the Advancement Industry  

  • The advancement profession is predominantly white, and our firm reflects the lack of racial diversity in the profession. We are committed to diversifying our firm to represent our society and the clients we serve.  

  • We will develop partnerships with clients and non-client organizations to build new pathways that diversify recruiting and hiring.  

  • We are committed to playing our part in preparing, mentoring and championing diverse professionals for success, especially those who are new to the industry. 


Plus Delta Partners is committed to inclusion and equity. We have established an internal DEI working group to coordinate these ongoing efforts. We encourage you to check here for updates on our activities, and we encourage and invite feedback on how we can do better in our work to make positive change for our clients and our communities by communicating with us at dei@plusdeltapartners.com