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Our Unique Approach

High performing development organizations have a fundraising culture characterized by a shared methodology, vocabulary and performance accountability. Our programs feature critical elements that are uniquely able to help create this culture.

Collaboration with executive leadership and frontline management

We partner at the outset to establish specific objectives, challenges, opportunities and measurable ROI, and continue collaboration throughout the course of the engagement to drive results.

Programmatic, embedded and long-term partnership

Our methodology enables us to maximize frontline fundraising performance and achieve real and sustainable behavioral change that doesn't happen with point-in-time training efforts.

Duration, consistency and repetition

Our longitudinal programs enable new behaviors to truly take hold.

Focus on building and practicing skills in live donor situations

We work with participants in their active portfolios.

A "coaching" vs "training" philosophy

We partner with frontline fundraisers -crafting communications, structuring interactions and conducting role-playing exercises.

A cohort model

We combine monthly group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions so fundraisers can both learn with their peers and work directly on their individual fundraising objectives.

A belief that every fundraiser has room for growth

Senior fundraisers, just like those with high potential, can always improve. Similarly, the potential within under-performers can be unlocked.