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Advancement Partners Program

Created to broaden the benefits of the shared fundraising culture established in the DFF and/or MFF programs, the APP focuses on development of key leaders who are integral partners to successful fundraising.


  • Deans
  • Physicians
  • Scientists
  • Senior Leadership
  • Directors/Faculty
  • Coaches


The program pairs organizational leaders with principal fundraisers in a series of workshops and collaboration sessions to create an effective fundraising strategy. Specific content is tailored based on the needs of each organization and audience.


  • A fundraising culture
  • Shared values, process and tools across the organization
  • Empowerment
  • Role clarity for organizational leadership that builds mutual respect and better collaboration


  • Clarity and efficiency in when and how partners engage with donors
  • Advancement partners and gift officers work in concert to raise more money faster

Typical Workshop Topics

  • The Giving Formula and Donor Engagement Process™
  • Facilitating Effective Prospect Strategy Meetings
  • Building and Communicating Priority Impact Statements