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Discipline of Frontline Fundraising

Our signature program enables frontline fundraisers to more efficiently and effectively raise major, principal and planned gifts. This program equips gift officers with advanced development skills and competencies in the following core areas:  

  • Disciplined Fundraising Process
  • Enhanced Qualification and Donor Engagement
  • Assessment of Donor Impact & Appropriate Ask Amounts
  • Disciplined Timing of Asks


Over a 10-month cycle, a cohort of frontline fundraisers engages in a combination of small-group workshops, individual coaching sessions, in-portfolio assignments and role plays. All activities are designed and conducted to allow new material to build upon previous sessions.  Customized learning modules can also be added to the program.


Tools and skills gained:

  • Ability to reframe the Donor / Gift Officer interaction
  • Defined, tailored and repeatable fundraising process
  • More compelling and effective donor interactions and communications
  • Documented outputs: Client-specific Donor Engagement ProcessTM and personalized Portfolio Management Tools

 Scope & Approach

  • Nine (9) 3-hour monthly workshops
  • Ten (10) individual coaching/strategy calls
  • DiSC personality profiles for each participant
  • Ad-Hoc Calls and In-Person Meetings
  • Management Review Meetings at three milestones during engagement

For more information, please contact us at 760.496.9205 or info@plusdeltapartners.com.