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Discipline of Frontline Fundraising

Our signature program enables frontline fundraisers to more efficiently and effectively raise major, principal and planned gifts.


Over a 10-month cycle, a cohort of frontline fundraisers engages in a combination of small-group workshops, individual coaching sessions, in-portfolio assignments and role plays. All activities are designed and conducted to allow new material to build upon previous sessions.  Customized learning modules can also be added to the program.


  • A Fundraising Culture. Development organizations adopt a set of mutually reinforcing values, communication practices, processes and assumptions that contribute to efficiently and effectively raising more money faster.
  • Empowerment. With raised awareness about donor insights and philanthropic process, skills and tools frontline staff employ include:
    • A repeatable fundraising process
    • Powerful language and communication tools
    • Facilitation skills  
    • Effective collaboration – both internally and with donors
  • Accountability that motivates measurable and sustainable results


  • Increased number of gifts at higher average gift amounts
  • A balanced – strategic and interpersonal – approach to fundraising
  • A more cohesive, confident and effective team
  • More satisfied donors

Typical Workshop Sequence

  • The Donor Engagement Process
  • Qualifying and Trust Building
  • Shortening Solicitation Cycles
  • The Giving Formula
  • Fundraising Priority Impact Statements
  • Opening and Closing the Gift
  • Role Play
  • Portfolio Management