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Multi-Client Discipline of Frontline Fundraising Program

Our signature program equips frontline gift officers, from different organizations, with advanced development skills and competencies in the following core areas:  

  • Disciplined Fundraising Process
  • Enhanced Qualification and Donor Engagement
  • Assessment of Donor Impact & Appropriate Ask Amounts
  • Disciplined Timing of Asks


Over a 10-month cycle, a cohort of frontline fundraisers engages in a combination of small-group workshops, individual coaching sessions, in-portfolio assignments and role plays. All activities are designed and conducted to allow new material to build upon previous sessions.


Best For

  • Organizations who have fewer than 4 frontline fundraisers and managers
  • New, high-potential staff members who have not been through a Plus Delta program
  • High performing gift officers’ organizations want to retain and optimize
  • Managers and leaders who can share their learnings within the organization and drive results across portfolios


Tools and skills gained:

  • Ability to reframe the Donor / Gift Officer interaction
  • Defined, customized and repeatable fundraising process
  • More compelling and effective donor interactions and communications
  • Opportunity for frontline fundraisers from different organizations to learn from each other
  • Broader exposure to best practices, donor case studies and external feedback
  • Documented outputs: Client-specific Donor Engagement ProcessTM and personalized Portfolio Management Tools

Scope & Approach

  • Nine (9) 3-hour monthly workshops
  • Ten (10) individual coaching/strategy calls
  • DiSC personality profiles for each participant
  • Management Review Meetings at three milestones during engagement

For more information, please contact us at 760.496.9205 or info@plusdeltapartners.com.